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OyramiD Associates provides 3 major Services & Consultancy Supports for its clients :-

Customization for In-house Training and Programs
Facilitate Business Strategic Planning, Project Management and Business Development Initiatives and Activities, and
Perform Contract out-sourced training and development assignments


Customization with its Key Benefits:
Time & Cost are manageable;
Develop Ownership;
Initiate Train-The-Manager;
Promote Learning Organization activities;
Continuous Best Practices Sharing;
Project-based performance measurement and
Relevant and Related Case-studies.
Companies which have had customized their programs include :
HP, Motorola, Singapore Telecommunications, General Electric(US), AstraZeneca, SSMC, Philips, CISCO Systems, IBM, China Merchants Group and AOL-Legend.

Facilitation on Strategic Business Initiatives Deployment as workshop and project-based learning includes:

Balanced Scorecard Implementation & Deployment
Key Performance Indicators Development
Performance Management
Change Management
Leadership and Management Competencies
Strategic Planning Implementation and
New Product Introduction (NPI)
Innovation and Creative Project 

Companies which have had customized their programs include :
HP, Motorola, General Electric(US), AstraZeneca, Philips, Siemens, DHL, SITA and APRO.

Perform Contract out-sourced training services for companies include :-
Motorola, Motorola-University, Singapore Telecommunications, General Electric(US), IBM and SSMC.
For these services, OyramiD Associates has its Regional Principal Consultants being certified and recognized by its clients to perform their assigned training workshops across the Asia-Pacific region.

Sample Write-ups on customized and facilitated workshops
by OyramiD Associates

Client : An International Express Delivery Company (Services)
Workshop Scope: Strategic Business Development and Business Process Improvement
Client's Business Need: To regain and grow Market Share after Business Restructuring
Time Required to Customize: Within One Week
Workshop: Service Creation On Process Essentials(S.C.O.P.E.) - Adding Value to Business, 2-Day


Business Impact :
With an ever increasing demand for service excellence, the company needs to stay focus on their competitive service advantage by objectively establishing new ways and methods on improving their processes. This 2-Day workshop will develop and assist the top management team on how to develop strategic service business initiatives which are critical for the regional business growth - to sustain & regain market share - customer value creation. The approach consists of Strategy-Processes & System-Structure development with follow-up activities, effective communication and business tools to create new success attributes, to build new processes to support business changes (external & internal). The overall outcome of this 2-Day workshop is to integrate those planned and work out actions and objectives to be shared with rest of the people within the company through an effective business performance management system using the balanced scorecard.

The workshop will adopt a structured strategic management approach with an extended process and tools application like - Force-Field Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Industry Structure Analysis, Service Lifecycles, Value Chain Analysis, Customer Value Management, Process Time Analysis, Customer Needs Mapping, Customer Relationship Management techniques, Customer Development Plan and Scorecard measurement. Besides action learning activities in the workshop, participants will experience and learn related Best Practices and Benchmarked information through out the workshop session.
Business Objectives:
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:-
- Better understand their strategic business focus and intent objectively;
- Apply the appropriate strategic business tools and techniques to their business projects deployment
- Generate new service/business value creation activities through a structured strategic management process
- Develop and manage possible strategic business projects
- Scope their strategic business projects


Client : A Leading Fortune 100 Company(Manufacturing)
Workshop Scope: Strategic Projects Management - Product Launch
Client's Business Need:
-To identify and implement Strategic Projects in the China region
-To develop staff with basic project management skills and techniques
Time Required to Customize: Within a Two weeks
Workshop : Structured Projects And Communication Essentials(S.P.A.C.E.), 3-Day

Business Impact :
This 3-Day workshop will cover key structured project management (process-tools) and communicative actions for project team members required for "quick-time" hand-on for completing their project effectively and within cost. The focus will help project team members in executing and implementing projects and contracts using a general 5-Phase structured approach (Define-Plan/Organize-Implement-Close & Review) in relation to common project management tools (include :- Risk Management, Contingency Diagram, Consensus building, Process Mapping, PERT-Critical Path Analysis, Resource Allocation, Gantt Chart, Work Breakdown Structure, Team Process Check and Guidelines - together with other communicative and process improvement tools). Besides these tools, participants will also learn methods of cost estimation (such as Bottom-up estimation) and budgeting for their projects which include Activity-Based Costing management (ABC). Cases will be used through out this workshop while developing participants to gain a better understanding on project management process and their project implementation on product
Launch much more effectively. A brief introduction to MS-Project 2000(software application) for better project documentation will be shared on the last day of the workshop.
Business Objectives:
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:-
- Understand a structured project approach from its definition stage to its closure in relation to the project management process
- Work on the project management process in relation to the Change Management process
- Apply the required and appropriate project management tools and techniques in helping to make better decisions
- Develop better project team members communication (conflict management) and development (team development)
- Execute the planned project activities in a structured way
- Assess the project problems, constraints and situations based upon changing performance, cost and time requirements
- Present the possible project process implementation plan and actions
- Identify the tools and interpret information from the MS-Project 2000 application

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