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Since 1998, OyramiD Associates has provided Consultancy, Services & Partnering Supports to more than 50 leading corporations across Asia, especially for companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China (PRC). Our Mission is simple and straight-forward "To Develop Best Practices Continuously For Companies Beyond Y2000"

The leading services offered by OyramiD Associates include Organization Development, Total Quality Management, Project Management, Corporate Business Management, Process Management, Customer Service(Call Centres) & Sales interventions and learning. It has partners and alliances stretched from Singapore, Shanghai, Australia to the United States. OyramiD Associates is affiliated to CE RESOURCES(Shanghai) by offering immediate services and supports for the developing markets within and around Shanghai - Wuxi, NanJing, NingBo, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

OyramiD Associates engaged professional consultants having extensive years of working experiences with leading companies and organizations. More importantly, many of these professional consultants have a profound PASSION in assisting companies & their people to learn, to succeed and to improve through implementing BEST PRACTICES and CUSTOMIZED IN-HOUSE workshops / BUSINESS INITIATIVES.

Apart from program delivery and development, OyramiD Associates has the competent resources to share with its clients which enabling and accelerating them to develop into self-reliance mode.
 " Unless TIME is managed, nothing else can be managed"

"Skill is Nil without Will " 


OyramiD associates its name with the planet Jupiter - ruler of Olympus - which its acronym stands for Organizations yield results and management improves Development - focuses on PEOPLE & PROCESS improvement driven by Organization Development approach.


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